Jayden Schmitt

New Talent

Vivid Color
Men’s Cuts
Alternative Hair Cuts

     Meet Jayden, the creative force behind extraordinary hair transformations! With a specialization in Blondes and Vivid Color, Jayden’s expertise lies in creating stunning and head-turning hues that make a bold statement. 

     Also excelling in Men’s Cuts, she crafts dapper and contemporary styles that perfectly suit individual preferences and lifestyles. Beyond mainstream cuts, Jayden’s artistry extends to Alternative Haircuts, where she fearlessly explores unique and unconventional styles, bringing your hair vision to life. 

     Whether you’re seeking vibrant colors, sharp men’s cuts, or alternative looks, Jayden is your go-to stylist for a truly personalized and remarkable experience. Don’t miss the chance to unleash your hair’s full potential – book your appointment now and let Jayden work her magic!