My heart and love goes out to everyone I know and who has supported Lockworx by blessing us with your hair and more for all of these years.

While staying safe at home it’s good to continue healthy routines and on some days, by looking great we’ll feel better. Although the Lockworx Family can’t help you with that right now by using our skills, creativity and care, we can help each other by purchasing products that supports salons, and our planet:

Aveda has always taken care of salons and our planet and have offered generous support for the salons in it’s network.

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The video above is our 2019 entry for the Annual HairBrained Video contest.

Lockworx is an ever evolving, educational, Aveda Lifestyle Salon.  Best

What makes us different?

It starts with all of our team being well compensated employees. Their success and your satisfaction is our primary goal; if they’re happy and well trained, you’ll love your services.

Next we train like professional athletes.

Not with kettlebells, yet we educate consistently knowing that to stay great, you have to work at it.

We send our team all over the US for advanced education as well as using our unique training system that we’ve developed over the past three decades.

We bring in the biggest and best educators in the industry to teach us up close and personal so that we have the ability to do great work.

We believe some prefer we invest in our teams education  making them  the best in Michigan, rather than invest in glitzy ads.

If that’s how you think, come in and experience great hair and more.

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