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What Lockworx does to mitigate the possibility of spreading C19?

1- We started with a state of the art air filtration system found in hospitals worldwide; the Genano 5250A. These use the latest MFI technology for filter-less air purification and it was manufactured and imported from Finland. The coronavirus which causes the disease Covid-19 is between 0.06 µm (micron) and 0.14 µm in diameter, averaging about 0.125 µm, our system filters 99.999% of particles equal to or greater in size 0.003 µm for 2,000 sqft of sterile air. It turns over the air every 8-10 minutes. The unit uses MFI technology, so there’s no filter for bacteria to get caught in; it kills bacteria electronically leaving only pure and safe air, with no ozone.

2- We check temperatures of our team and guests at the door. 

3- We use health screening questions to reduce the possibility of anyone who may have been exposed from entering the salon.

4- We sanitize everything that anyone comes in contact with.

5- We wash our hands before and after each guest.

6- We use a fresh cape on every guest.

7- Every team member and guest wears a mask:

No Mask = No Service

I’d like to thank everyone for being respectful on this. Please remember that our team is here to serve and I appreciate all of you for not voicing your opinions if you don’t agree with masks, it’s made the teams job easier since we’ve had to raise the bar even higher when it comes to sanitation, which takes dedicated discipline to ensure everyone is as safe as possible.


So really, thanks! 

If you don’t bring a mask with you we will provide you with a new, sterile and disposable mask when you arrive. I understand that some people can’t or won’t wear a mask and I hope that you understand that this is for everyone’s protection and that you will reconsider wearing a mask for the short time you are here.