In 1989, I started Lockworx with one goal in mind:

Create the best salon, with the best team ever…

Soon, I realized that I didn’t know half of what I thought I did, and at 24 years old I had a lot to learn

It became apparent that I simply couldn’t rely on hiring great talent, I had to learn how to create it

How to hire passionate people, and train them to be amazing

It’s taken years of learning, trial and error and numerous mistakes, missteps and failures, both as a person and a business owner, as well as several key successes to develop a systematic, consistent method to train and develop talent; to turn passionate people into consummate professionals

I did this because I love this industry and I’ve made it my life’s passion

While our salon was closed due to the shelter order, we totally remodeled and redid everything in our salon, from anti-microbial flooring to all new equipment and displays and lighting so you would have the salon experience and safety that you deserve.

Frank Pennoni – Lockworx Salon