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Years of Proud Service in the Lansing Area

In 1989 I started Lockworx with one goal in mind:

Create the best salon, with the best team ever…


Soon, I realized that I didn’t know half of what I thought I did, and at 24 years old, I had a lot to learn.

It became apparent that I simply couldn’t rely on hiring great talent, I had to learn how to create it.

How to hire passionate people, and train them to be amazing.

It’s taken years of learning, trial and error and numerous mistakes, missteps and failures, both as a person and a business owner, as well as several key successes to develop a systematic, consistent method to train and develop talent that turns passionate people into consummate professionals.

I did this because I love this industry and it’s my life’s passion.

Brazilian Blowout Certified

Come see how we seemlessly blend Authenticity with Expertise

Cutting Edge Education

Continued education empowers our team to provide the results you want

A Clean and Safe Environment is Our Priority

1st– We use an all encompassing, state of the art multi faceted air filtration system.

2nd– While you’re in our Aveda Retail area, our industrial, medical grade Genano 5250A provides an air change every 6 minutes while continuously filtering the air on a nano scale for safe.

3rd– Our Service Area uses two Oransi Erik 650a‘s. Together they provide an air change every 6 minutes for safe, sterile oxygen. Each unit uses a MERV 18 HEPA/ULPA main filter. They’re super fast and effective at removing 99.997% of everything in the air each air change. They are also energy efficient.

4th– In our Treatment Rooms and employee lounge, we use  Oransi EJ120’s which purify the air every 6 minutes for 10 air changes per hour for everyone’s health and safety. The EJ120 uses a MERV 17 HEPA/ULPA for its main filter which removes 99.85% of everything in the air with each air change.

Everything works in conjunction with our HVAC system which has always brought in fresh air from the outside while using six MERV 8 HEPA filters in its filter path.