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Within 5 years of graduation, only about 15% of the stylists that you trained with will still be in the industry.

Sounds pretty crazy, but unfortunately, it’s true.


You may think your biggest career decision so far was your commitment to becoming a hairdresser, massage therapist or make-up artist and the education required to get into the field of your dreams.

I believe the biggest decision is actually where you choose to “work”. 

I say “work” because, at many salons, that’s all that you are hired to do: work. They don’t hire you with the intentions to mentor, coach or help you reach your full potential. They don’t hire you to build a career that you can retire from.

If this is truly your career then…

You will need help and training to become the stylist that you dreamed about when you went to school. The one that works New York Fashion Week, a stylist who does photo-shoots or someone who simply wants to master the art of hair.

Why are we committed to building our team and our company this way?

Even though spending the amount of time and money that we do to develop you is an expensive business model, we know it’s the only way to grow real hairdressers. Our time proven, team focused culture is the cornerstone of our success. We want to invest in you.


Transform lives through the art of beauty. Join Lockworx and unleash your full potential in a rewarding career where creativity, skill, and passion blend seamlessly

Because at our core, we’re hairdressers first.

At Lockworx, we only hire committed passionate stylists and we hire you knowing it is our job to help develop your career. It’s taken us 30 years to create a curriculum that is so in-depth, that it surpasses almost every advanced school in the US. That may sound like an exaggeration, yet it’s my life’s work. I don’t accept “good enough” so it’s something I can say with the utmost confidence.

The only way to achieve lasting success is through education.

The best way to be busy for the long term is to be great at what you do.  We know that in the end your career is not defined by thousands of friends or followers and the reality of your skills will be what makes or breaks your career. This is why we strive for continued education for every employee. We want you to be amazing at what you do.

Where should you grow roots so that you can soar?

Somewhere that will help you to not become a statistic. The reason so many stylists won’t be in the industry is because they don’t know what to do next, or they either never get a job. Some end up working for the wrong place and become disillusioned into deciding this isn’t the industry for them. We want to give you the tools and education to empower yourself into achieving your personal goals. As a Hair Salon established in Lansing over 30 years ago, we strive to continue being an employer that provides a clear, bright future for all employees.

The choice is yours to make. 

If you like what you’ve read and heard about us and you’re ready to find a place to call home, stop in and let’s have a real conversation to discover all the possibilities.

We are one of the best salons anywhere, yet we are still a relaxed, fun salon. Don’t be intimidated by this, be excited. We are a down to earth salon where we don’t think that we are better than other people, just better than other salons.

Come on in and start your path to success.


506 Elmwood

Lansing, 48917


Employee Benefits

At Lockworx, we are committed to providing great pay and the most comprehensive benefits package in the industry for our team in order to enable  successful careers!

Advanced Education

· Proven In Depth Advanced Education including: comprehensive In-Salon training in Advanced Haircutting, Advanced Color Theory and Technique, Strand by Strand and tape in Extensions, Brazilian Blowout, Japanese Straightening, Marketing and Guest Care.

· Tuition Paid Aveda Advanced Education Classes at top schools across the country

· Opportunities to assist and to participate in Photo Shoots, Hair Shows, New York Fashion Week and so much more!

Insurance Options

· Health and Dental Company pays 75% of employee’s premium costs

· Ability to purchase spouse and/or family coverage

· Multiple plans to fit anyone’s particular needs

· 125 Cafeteria Plan for paying premiums using pre-tax pay

· Workers Comp

· AFLAC available

· Healthy work environment so you will rarely need to use your insurance

Paid Time Off

· Paid Time Off (PTO) Earn up to 240 Hours of PTO (30 Days annually) and 40 hours unpaid time off

Other Benefits

· Complimentary In-Salon Services

· Employee discount on Aveda Products

· Discount for all family members on both products and services

· Friends and extended family discounts

· All Thermal Styling Tools provided

· All Products used for Services are company provided and extremely well stocked

· Business Cards and Marketing Pieces are provided at no cost

· 31 Years of unparalleled leadership and management

Retire & Savings

· 401k Pre Tax Retirement Plan with Generous Employer Match

· Retire without worry about your finances

If you’ve scrolled down this far and read everything, click this link to see how we provide wholesale Japanese Shears for our team. 

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