Brooke Dingey

Senior Stylist

Lived In Color
Dimensional Brunettes, Bronde & Redheads
Modern Haircutting

     Introducing Brooke, the maestro of modern hair artistry! With a passion for Lived-In Color, she effortlessly creates natural, sun-kissed looks that will have you glowing from within.

     As a specialist in Dimensional Brunettes, Bronde, and Redheads, Brooke works her magic to add depth and richness to your hair, leaving you with captivating and vibrant hues. But Brooke’s expertise doesn’t end there – she is also a master of Modern Haircutting, delivering chic and contemporary styles that perfectly complement your individuality. 

    Experience Brooke’s exceptional skills and step into a world of effortlessly beautiful hair – book your appointment now and get ready to be amazed!