Abby Curey

Master Stylist

Dimensional Colorist
Lived In/Blonding
Salon color educator
(Arguably the best scalp massages and hand treatments in the mitten!)

     Meet Abby, a true artist in the world of hair color! As a Dimensional Colorist, she has mastered the art of creating multi-dimensional, jaw-dropping color that adds depth and life to your locks.

     Specializing in Lived In/Blonding techniques, Abby can effortlessly give you that sun-kissed, natural glow that’s the envy of all. But her expertise doesn’t stop there – Abby is also a Salon color educator, sharing her knowledge and passion with fellow stylists to elevate the industry.

     And that’s not all! With her magic touch, she delivers arguably the best scalp massages and hand treatments in the entire state, leaving you feeling utterly pampered and relaxed during your salon visit. Discover the transformative power of Abby’s skills – book an appointment today and experience a hair journey like no other!