Shop Aveda

I would like you to know why you should come into the salon to buy your products at our salon, instead of clicking that tab and buying on line whenever possible. For you, we have every promotional gift, give away and bonus that they do, PLUS so many more that they don’t and can’t afford to offer everyone.

Each week we have a drawing from those that have purchased in our salon that week. You’re chances of winning products or services are amazing.

When you shop at Lockworx, you support dozens of local humans and their families who spend their money right in our community.

Also, if you buy online, your buying from a corporation that has no local employees and shares only a small percentage of earnings, if they share with us at all.

ALSO: Lockworx uses the profit it makes from retail sales to pay for employee health insurance, dental insurance, 401K retirement with match, PTO (paid time off) and Advanced Education to grow their career, their lives and to be the best they can be at their craft, for YOU.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Aveda products and it’s the best product you could use for your hair care, skin care and body care needs. They are kind to our environment and have been a great business partner, until recent years.

Unfortunately, myopic business decisions by well meaning, nearsighted leaders in regards to how to treat partner salons has led me here: Come in and buy your Aveda from us and you’ll get better promotions, the same great product (plus free bonuses), rewards and a chance to win services and products with EACH and every purchase.

They can’t do that for you and they won’t, because to them you’re just another dollar, to us,  you’re part a family that has been around for 30 years and counting.

Come hang out, have some fresh hot complimentary Biggby coffee, hot cocoa or tea, ask question get advise, and often a free blowout when staff is available and see why it’s better to shop here, than ruin your eyes shopping a corporate web-sight.