Candace Heskitt

Master Stylist

Aveda Certified Color Educator
Dimensional Color
Highly Sought After Out-of-State Touch

    Meet Candace, a true master of hair artistry! As an Aveda Certified Color Educator, her passion for color knows no bounds, and she brings this expertise to every client she serves. With her skilled hands, she weaves dimensional color magic, creating mesmerizing hues that breathe life into your hair.

     Candace’s reputation extends beyond state borders, as she is highly sought after for her out-of-state touch, leaving a trail of satisfied clients wherever she goes. Whether you’re looking to revamp your look with vibrant tones or seeking a subtle, natural transformation, Candace is your go-to stylist.

     Embrace the opportunity to be in the hands of a true color virtuoso – book your appointment now and step into a world of radiant, head-turning hair!